Mining Farms For Sale

Plug and play Mining Farms built for investors


Mining Farms for Sale

Two Ways to Earn

Discover the value of a Mining Farm, with 2 ways to profit



Step 1

Earn Regular Income
from Mining

Step 2

Earn from
Cryptocurrency Growth

  • Earn regular income from mining. Running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your mining farm will earn money while you sleep.
  • Through mining alone your farm should pay for itself in approximately 270-570 days depending on the chosen coin(s) to mine.
  • Earn more from Cryptocurrency growth - the average increase of the top 10 performing Cryptocurrencies in 2017 was a staggering 2,368% meaning the value of your mined coins increase too. 

Crypto Mining
vs. Other Investments

How does Crypto compare?

Crypto Mining can achieve much higher returns when compared to more conventional investments, which makes it ideal as part of an investment portfolio.

Below, we compare Crypto Mining with conventional investments.



Typically paying 1-3% interest on your savings per anum.  Very safe but rates can go up or down with the state of the economy. Low returns.


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a relatively safe investment backed by a commercial portfolio of properties with typical returns between 3-5%.


Regular dividends typically pay 1-3%. The higher the dividend the stronger the company but also the lower the share appreciation in the long term. You can choose higher risk companies where you can lose your total investment but you can make returns of 20% to 50%.


Yields of 5-6% which hopefully cover mortgage payments and pay of the asset.  On disposal you get your investment back plus asset growth. Over a 20 year period house prices have gone up on average 7%.  Commercial properties can be higher, but require higher deposits.

Crypto Mining

Typical returns from 39% to 184% depending on the value of the coin when you come to sell it.

With a Crypto Mining Farm you buy the equipment which generates coins through mining which you can sell to return your investment.

You can keep all or choose to sell your coins in the medium to long term. Like with property, you benefit from the coin appreciation gains. 

Unlike property, cryptocurrencies are more volatile but the returns can be extremely high (i.e. up to 100 times higher). Yields depend on the mining equipment and mining coin.

What Clients Say About Us

"Running 200 devices in our small office building wasn't working out for us - temperature issues produced downtime for our miners, and we also experienced problems with the noise level the miners were producing. Moving our operation to the Total Crypto Mining facility solved these issues and now we are expanding our capacity and have devices running 24 / 7 with low cost and professional people taking care of our miners. Overall it's been a very nice experience with the Total Crypto Mining team."

- Jussi Rilasti mendIT CEO

"Total Crypto Mining helped me move my existing mining farm of 100 units to their dedicated facility in Finland. This achieved a significant reduction in electricity costs and heat. It was a pleasure to work with a professional team who could offer me the right support I was looking for. This was a real win for both companies."

- C. Lee Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mining farm
and what farms do you offer?

Mining farms are a collection of mining equipment which are used to mine cryptocurrency coins. We offer small to large farms, depending on budget and electrical availability. Our mining farms are ASIC and GPU based. Typical coins mined on a standard contract are Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Zcash.

What can I earn? What is the ROI?

We will guide you all the way through the potential ROI and passive income. We can help you with your investment strategy. ROI can be from 2 years to 6 months depending on the price of the coins at the time of selling them.

How do I get paid from mining?

If we are hosting your equipment we will set up your miners to your own cryptocurrency wallet. If you purchase our mining equipment we will help you set up your own wallets.

What are the risks involved?

The main risk is the value of the coins when it comes to selling them. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile by nature - hence the massive reward but also risk. If you need to sell your coins - and convert them to Fiat (cash) - to pay for your running costs then the potential returns due to appreciation of the coins will reduced.

Do you sell mining rigs individually?

No, we only offer mining farms. And for GPU rigs we have an MOQ of 10 off.

Who owns the mining equipment?

It is your equipment so you own it. We can host your equipment in our dedicated facility for you - but you still own your equipment.

Where is the mining equipment located?

If you are hosting your mining farm with us, it will be located in our secure facility in Finland.

Which Cryptocurrencies should I mine?

It depends on your attitude to risk. The less conventional coins can offer the highest returns but you will need to manage them closely and exchange them quite often.

How much does it cost to mine?

After the equipment is purchased the main cost is electricity, premises, cooling and maintenance. We take care of all of this with our hosting service.

Are there any other costs? Are electricity costs included?

Yes electricity is included as part of the hosting plans. There are no other hidden costs.

What support do you provide?

We provide 24/7 support by phone or email.

Do you sell worldwide (as well as the UK)?

Yes we do.

Build Your Own Mining Farm

Crypto Mining Farms Available

Industrial Farm

Large Scale Mining Operation



  • For large scale mining (over 100 units)
  • ASIC or GPU units or both
  • Optimised power usage for your mining requirements
  • Full setup and support included



Looking to host your existing mining equipment instead?  We can help