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We've helped business owners, property developers and existing crypto veterans earn passive income and achieve higher returns than the bank.

Total Crypto Mining is a UK company with a dedicated hosting facility in Finland, set up to provide a safe and simple way to earn from Mining Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.  We know it's difficult to find the right help - so we pride ourselves on being fully transparent with a real team you can talk to, or come and see.

Some Helpful Information

2 questions answered

What is Crypto?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency; it went public in 2009. There are now over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies use encryption (cryptography) to produce money and to verify transactions.

What is a Mining Farm?

A mining farm is a group of mining machines.  The job of each mining machine is to record transactions on a digital public ledger known as the blockchain. Owners of mining equipment are paid a small proportion of said coin for keeping the ledger updated. This can be extremely lurcrative.

Bitcoin & Crypto Mining Farms for Sale

Built for investors



Crypto Mining can achieve much higher returns when compared to more conventional investments,
which makes it ideal as part of an investment portfolio.

Discover the value of mining with 2 ways to earn:

  • Earn regular income from Crypto Mining
  • Earn through Cryptocurrency growth
  • Mining farms built for investors
  • Fully optimised mining farms
  • Fantastic pricing and packages available
  • Host your mining farm with us or yourself

Host Your Mining Equipment With Us

+ Reduce noise,
+ Reduce heat
+ And save energy costs by hosting with us

Our secure hosting facility has dedicated storage capacity for 5,000 miners which comes with the following benefits:

  • Full setup
  • Remote monitoring
  • Earnings straight to your wallet
  • Temperature, dust & humidity controlled
  • 24/7 Support
  • You equipment is fully insured
  • All inclusive and cost effective packages


What Clients Say About Us

"Running 200 devices in our small office building wasn't working out for us - temperature issues produced downtime for our miners, and we also experienced problems with the noise level the miners were producing. Moving our operation to the Total Crypto Mining facility solved these issues and now we are expanding our capacity and have devices running 24 / 7 with low cost and professional people taking care of our miners. Overall it's been a very nice experience with the Total Crypto Mining team."

- Jussi Rilasti mendIT CEO

"Total Crypto Mining helped me move my existing mining farm of 100 units to their dedicated facility in Finland. This achieved a significant reduction in electricity costs and heat. It was a pleasure to work with a professional team who could offer me the right support I was looking for. This was a real win for both companies."

- C. Lee Business Owner